Closing Is Caring

Do sales calls make you wanna vomit?

You’re not the only one, chicka.

Almost every new entrepreneur I’ve coached has felt like giving up after flopping on their sales calls. The uncomfortable silences, the dread money talk, the awkward part where you ask them for their credit info,

It can totally be overwhelming.

Think about it this way: Closing is caring

If you have a service providing value and you're on the phone with someone you believe you can help; closing them is helping them hit their goals.

Think of this perspective: Put yourself on their side of the computer screen. Understand their challenges and pain points.

What’s keeping them tossing and turning all night?

What are they worried about?

What are the maze obstacles they need to overcome to reach their goals?

Articulate how your program, course, service is going to help them. You guys are pretty much partnering together to help them achieve their goals! Think of it as a collaboration; value with a monetary exchange.

Sooo many people tell me they want to sell high-ticket but they avoid sales calls, like seriously social distancing from sales calls, ha!

“I want to sell an online product, Alexandra!”

They don’t want to ask for the sale or they’re afraid to close. Stop getting your panties in a twist over sales calls.

❌You’re not being salesy.

❌You’re not being sleazy.

❌You’re not a money hungry gold digger.

Think of this the opposite way. Put yourself in your prospect's shoes. If you were about to invest in a product/service, you’ll want to learn more about it. If you’re spending a pretty penny, you’ll want the questions answered by a live person.

No one wants to feel like they’re being put in a box or being given a cookie-cutter solution. They want to be treated like a person, not another dollar in your bank account,

People want to connect and feel confident that their investment will give them the dream results.

After all, that’s why they hopped on this call with y

ou in the first place ;)

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