The 15k Month Breakdown for New Entrepreneurs

The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make with their sales is not planning!

Plan your days, weeks, months.


It helps you understand what actions you need to take every day to get one step closer to your goal.

Let’s say your revenue goal is $15k a month.

You probably have a Google calendar packed with activities that’ll keep you busy but you just can’t seem to grow past $3k. What’s up?

The problem is you’ve filled up your days with meaningless “busy” work and not actionable activities that help you move your business forward.

Scrolling through instagram for eternity, spending hours making a website or focusing too much on which filter to use is NOT exactly what you should be putting all of your energy into.

Work backwards.

If you say “I want to make $15k this month” you first have to decide how many new clients you need to sign. Correction “Attract and convert the RIGHT clients.”

Then decide on how many offers you need to sell at a certain price.

Now figure out how many calls you have to have each week to close that number of new clients.

Find out how many new conversations you have to have to get all those calls and so on.

This exercise will help you understand your conversion rate and give you clarity on what needs to be done!

Let’ say you charge $5k per client, that means you only need 3 clients per month to hit this income goal.

Close half of your sales calls if you’ve scheduled 6 sales calls in one month to make your $15k.

Don’t hold yourself back from hitting your income goals. Focus on the right lead gen activities and everything will fall into place.

If you can, outsource some of those energy draining activities that aren’t directly tied to the revenue you’re going to bring in.

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