How to Crush Your Sales Calls & Have Clients Dying To Work With You.

A Lot of people think sales calls are scary AF and try to avoid them like a bad date. They don't want to do it or ask for the sale. Most don’t even know HOW to do it in the first place.

Let’s start with the basics:

✅The sale starts BEFORE you hop on the phone. Hot Tip: Do not take cold sales calls! Ask qualifying questions about what they're looking for. If they don’t meet your requirements, cancel the call and say “We’re not a good fit at this time.” There’s NOTHING wrong with this! Work with someone who suits your ideal client avatar and who you’d LOVE working with.

✅ Give your prospect homework. Before the call, they should know: who you are, what you do, what your value proposition is PRIOR to jumping on the call.

Hot tip: Create a sales video for them to watch before the sales call. Send a blog post, freebie or checklist. This gets them thinking about why they want to chat with you and why it’s important to them.


📞Start by building a relationship. Don’t start a sales call by getting RIGHT into business. Understand who they are, find out how their day is going, where they live etc. These easy questions will take less than 2-3 minutes but will make the entire call a lot warmer and personal.

📞Ask open ended questions. Get the person babbling and comfortable with you. Make them feel happy and excited! What are your goals? What’s your vision? What’s your business? What do you want to achieve on this call? Get them envisioning and feeling the value that your service could bring.

📞When it’s time to ask for the sale (close) see if what you’ve share in the conversation so far is something that they’re interested in. “Hey, I know I’ve given you a really good idea of what I do, is this something you’re interested in?” Before you dive into the numbers. This is an easy way to prep them before you introduce an offer.

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