How Many New Client’s Are Hiding In Your Inbox Right Now?

When it comes to signing new clients, a lot of people think they have a lead generation problem - nah!

The problem isn’t knowing where to find people or not finding enough people.

Your problem is not understanding your client’s problems enough!

So, how do you sell to the RIGHT people?

👉Recognize the problem - “I’m a business coach and I help people bring in more revenue.” This is waaay too general and filled with meaningless buzzwords. What’s the REAL problem? WHY don’t they have enough money? What don’t they have enough money for? How does that make them feel? How does this impact their life?

👉Understand the solution - Intimately know how you’re going to solve this problem. Our example doesn’t solve a specific problem so we’ll have to add more details about HOW we can do it. Are you helping them find more clients that in turn generate more revenue? Do they need to decide on their niche? Do they need to find the confidence to press record on a Livestream? The trick is to get super specific on the problem you’re solving.

👉People know YOU are the solution - You have to present yourself as the only person in the world who can help them solve their problem. What is your competitive advantage? What do you do that someone else with the same title makes the same claim is NOT going to do. Are you going to give them personal, 1:1 training, do you have the most cost effective online course? I

What do you provide that’s unique and sets you apart from others?

👉EMPOWER them into action - You have to show your prospect that there’s no better time like the present to make a change in their life and in their business. Entice them to decide on what they want their life to look like a year, five years, 20 years from now if they do (or don’t) snag this opportunity to work with you. Talk to them about the cost of NOT taking action, it really puts things into perspective.

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