The Most Terrifying Part of Your Online Business

When it comes to your business some think there is nothing more terrifying than putting yourself out there, being visible and even being judged ( boo!) But if you ask me the most frightening & dangerous thing you can do in your business is not have a plan. The problem is people are so close to their business they don’t stop to strategize and ask questions like: -Why are my doing this -How is this affecting my profit margins -Is there a more efficient way to get the same ( or better) result The problem is not understanding that having a clear and concise business plan is arguably the most important thing you can do in your business and is tied to success. So, how do you make a plan to REVAMP & UPGRADE YOUR BIZ? Map out what your business looks like today - In order for you to know what areas of your business could be improved you need to fully understand how your business is making money today. Create a physical representation ( on a whiteboard, on canva, etc) of the entire process of acquiring a new client all the way through to them realizing the value of your services ( hint: this is called the Customer Journey and if you need an outline you can swipe some customer journey templates from google) Identify the bottlenecks - Once you have your entire customer journey mapped out you want to figure out where the bottlenecks (aka the inefficient pieces of your business) are so you can create a plan to eliminate, replace or improve these areas. Work backwards from your desired business goals -Now that you have your customer journey mapped out & have improved some bottlenecks ask yourself: Is the way my business is running today strong enough to get me to my next business goal? Seek Guidance  - Feeling stuck on exactly how to eliminate bottlenecks or what type of business model is going to allow you to truly scale? Don’t stress because you can always learn and get feedback on your business from someone who has tackled these challenges before! Need help working through a plan for your online service based business?! Want me to share my KICKASS Framework for helping you Scale?!  Email me  “BUSINESSPLAN”  and we’ll chat! Because if bring unprepared in your business doesn’t give you the hebegebees you may likely be going insane :p

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